Oceansart Blog

I hope that Oceansart can become a place other type one diabetes families can come for support and joy within my blog.  Some posts will be full of laughter and joy and some will be full of angst and anger.  There will be videos of my sweet Ocean living life as a normal little boy, videos of painting and laughing and then there will be honest blogs about diabetic life. I hope it can be encouraging to other type one diabetic parents to know that they are not alone in the complex and scary world we live in when having a child with diabetes.

Oceansart Art


I hope that you find the joy and therapeutic release in looking at Ocean's paintings that he has had in making them. As you can see both originals and prints are available.  Even if an original is sold out, you can still get a beautiful high quality print. The prints are most often going to be available in the exact size of the original.  If you would like a different size, all you need to do is ask and I can get that made for you.

Part of the profits of any sales from Ocean's art will be split between the diabetes charities Beyond Type One and JDRF, and the rest will go to our diabetic alert dog fund (they cost $20,000.) A diabetic alert dog is a dog trained specificly to smell with Ocean is having high blood sugar or having a life threatening low blood sugar.  Having one of these dogs could one day save Ocean's life. And give us a little more sleep. Do to Ocean's age and unpredictable blood sugars he is tested frequently (12 - 15 times a day) but at night when we are asleep we could miss the physical signs showing a low blood sugar is happening.  So as you can imagine we don't sleep much. We hope to one day add a diabetic alert dog to our diabetes care for Ocean and to our family.

You will find art, laughter, sadness, diabetes and real life on Oceansart.  Come, stay a while.

Our Story

We are a family of three living in our little hobbit hole in Salem, Oregon. Our lives were forever changed March 21, 2016.  Our sweet 2 year old (at the time) was diagnosed with type one diabetes.  Everything changed.  Everything but my son's sweet soul.  Even with 15 finger pokes a day accompanied with 6 shots of insulin he wakes up with laughter every morning.  I mean seriously this kid.  He fake laughs until he real laughs just to make himself laugh!  I pray that that will never change.  That this disease never takes that from him. Just as he uses laughter to find joy in each day, his art provides therapy, fun and beauty to our lives.