Self care

Since diabetes came into our lives I liked all care of myself go. I didn't sleep. I didn't eat. I didn't laugh. I've barely even brushed my teeth.  about seven months after his diagnosis I finally fell apart. My body said no more. My body said please take care of me. The thing that is helped me the most (besides brushing my teeth a little bit more so my husband will still like kissing Ha!) is daily yoga. I've had yoga in my life since I was 14. I've had periods of my life that I didn't do it regularly but once I start teaching in about maybe 2010 I started doing yoga for times a week. I only did yoga when I was teaching or when my anxiety got so bad that I had to do it. It was still good for me, and it was still healthy for my body. But I had not made it my own. Now that I have taken my practice to the place where it is a time of peace for me, a time to grow, time to reflect, even a time to play (as you will see in some pictures) it has made an amazing change in my life. I am sleeping better, I have an appetite again, my anxiety is more under control. It almost feels like I've made a new friens. I can't wait to get to my mat and have my time with her. 

As parents we put our child before absolutely everything. But when we put our child completely before every need that we have there comes a time when your body and mind will collapse. We have to honor ourselves. I want to be me. I want Ocean to grow up with the person that I have worked hard to be, and I will lose that if I continue to cast myself. So I have chosen to honor me. Most of the time my yoga session is on my own, some me time. But I have also wanted to expose Ocean more to yoga so that it can be a part of his life. We have been having fun with some creative poses.