I remember so vividly when Ocean was growing inside me. Still to this day every time he gets hiccups I can feel the movement in my belly when he had them in utero. He seem to get them almost every day. I remember the first time I felt it I thought he was rhythmically kicking. Scott and I couldn't really figure it out and it was of course my mother who felt my belly and said that he had the hiccups. It made him so real. It's almost like for some reason the hiccups gave him a personality. Every time he got themwe would laugh. He brought us laughter from the very beginning. His spirit is full of joy. There's no better word to describe him. He wants to laugh. He wants to play and tease and be tickled. I'm so thankful that diabetes has not taken that from him. And I'm so thankful that he continues to bring us joy. Lots of moments are hard. Lots of moments are happy. That's just real life. Diabetes or not. I want to choose to focus as much as I can on the joyful times. And to be patient during the hard times.