You fall into a deep sleep lying lengthwise along the the top of my body. As if you feel as though you can still tuck your legs up and fit in the space above my belly button, The weight of my love for you feels as heavy in my heart as the weight of you against my chest. I dread the day you no longer snuggle with me any moment possible.

You turn cold and clammy. You hair wet with your sweat. My thoughts run through the usual steps. Did you fall asleep just now or go unconscious from low blood sugar? Was that twitch in your leg a sign you are about to have a seizer? But I just check your blood an hour ago. Maybe your just hot. 

I sorrowfully and carefully roll you off my body onto the bed and gently push the damp hair from the sweet face that is my world. I reach for the kit. And check you for the 2,672nd time so far this year.