Karma is a fantastic bitch

A few weeks ago I noticed we were down to our last extra bottles of insulin. Our insurance covers Oceans’s basic insulin needs but does not allow for spoilage or breakage. Since I am human - shit happens and we up needing a few extra bottles a year. This time around I decided to look into the diabetic buying/swapping sites on Facebook. Bad idea. Long story short I got scammed and ended up without any insulin and out about 100 bucks. Here’s where it gets interesting. I was quite furious and to be honest once again devastated by the human race. How could someone prey on a child’s weaknesses like that? My blood was boiling while my heart was breaking. That weekend I had my stall up at the Saturday market here in my hometown. About an hour before the end of the day an older gentleman came up to me with a gentle smile on his face and handed me a small flowered coin purse. He said, ‘this was in your booth for you.’ I looked inside and there was a hundred buckspeaking up at me. As I gasped and blubbered he said, ‘you’ve just got to accept the good things that come your way,’ and then proceeded to tell me about the hundred dollar man. If you are a local @insalem have you heard of this saintly gentleman? He goes around town hiding these hundred dollar bills of joy - in a young mommas diaper bags, the bottom of a food bank box, a hard working diabetic momma who wanted to give up on the works - yeah in her macrame booth too. I’m pretty sure the sweet man that handed me the coin purse was the hundred dollar man. Have another other folks @insalem met this fella? Scott and I talked a long time that evening about how God, the gods, the universe, and even our fellow humans seem to keep taking care of us. They give back and help us heal a bit when we’ve been kicked in the gut. They help you keep going on this crazy fucking ride that we can’t jump off of. 

Karma is a fantastic bitch.