23 packets of sugar

What happens when you give Humalog instead of Lantus? 23 packets of sugar given two at a time every 15 minutes.

For those of you new to the type one diabetic world, Humalog is a fast acting insulin that I inject in Ocean with a meal so that he can absorb the carbs. It's full cycle runs about five hours. Lantus is a basal insulin, it is given once a day and lasts for 24 hours. In simple terms it helps stabilize his blood sugar's.  

Two nights ago Ocean and I fell asleep pretty early, at 8 PM Scott came in to wake me to tell me it was time for Lantus. I was pretty much still asleep when I gave him the insulin. And went back asleep, until for some reason I woke up at 9 PM. I looked over at the bag that contains all of our diabetic supplies and realized that the Humalog was laying out. Then it hit me, oh shit I think I gave him Humalog instead of Lantus. Thank all the gods that they woke me up and had me see that the Humalog was out, otherwise Ocean would have gone into a coma in his sleep, or had a seizure. Giving him that much Humolog with no food makes him drop fast so we immediately started giving him two packets of sugar every 15 minutes. He stayed in the hundreds the whole time, which is good and safe but it was scary. I knew how to handle the situation from reading tons of blogs over the last 10 months. I'm hoping someday all my blogs can give some insight to other T1D moms. Everything turned out OK, however you can imagine I pretty much stayed up the rest of the night and stared at him. So many challenges, so much to learn, so many variables in this T1D world.

My sweet husband sat up with me all night as we watched him, watched the clock, gave him sugar and poked him about 1 million times. Oceans poor fingers must have been sore in the morning. I wonder what he was thinking. I wonder what he will remember. Am I the bad guy? Am I the good guy?