Anxiety anxiety go away

My anxiety tends to ruin most days. The way it is seen by others is as anger. So in turn I hurt the ones around me. Everyone in our house has anxiety - my husband, my son, my dog - but I seem to be the one to turn the house upside down with my anxiety. To stomp around, to grit my teeth, to snap a command, to roll my eyes. The anger comes out instead of my anxiety exploding. What would happen if the anxiety exploded? I've pushed it down for so many years that I don't even know how to let it out. Yoga helps but can you do to yoga 24 hours a day?

I hate me when I'm that anxious. Diabetes hasn't killed my kid yet, but it's killing me and its killing the family I used to have. 

Can I trade my anxiety for faith? Can I have faith that Ocean will live instead of anxiety that he will die? Can I have faith that we will be taken care of instead of anxiety that I must do it all without mistakes.  

 "Little faith will bring your souls to heaven but great faith will bring heaven to your souls." -CH Spurgen

Yes. Yes. Yes. I will strive to trade my anxiety for faith.