News folks at our house

On Monday we had channel 12's Haley Rush come for a quick interview. It was kind of a whirlwind, she called at 3:30 and asked if she could come right then and so we scrambled around in a wash my hair because it was pretty gross and had a fun interview with her. Ocean wasn't really up to painting much that day but Haley obviously made this segment work because CNN picked it up and it's going crazy on mine. So thank you Haley!


And then on Tuesday we got to meet to the fabulous Tracy Barry (I hate to admit that I didn't know who she was, I stay away from the news because it hurts my heart.) They took the time to play with Ocean and were here for almost 2 hours. Talking with me, taking pictures, watching Ocean paint, chatting with Scott and just enjoying their time with us. I could feel that they cared about our story. It wasn't just about filling a news slot. Hopefully the segment will show next week. Here are some fabulous pictures of Ocean having a blast.